duke Carpenter as John McVie

Duke Carpenter as John McVie lays down the famous bass lines we all know so well to contribute to the ultimate tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

John McVie joined Fleetwood Mac shortly after the band was formed with Peter Green in 1967, replacing temporary bassist Bob Brunning.  He was hesitant to join Fleetwood Mac initally because he did not want to lose the security of the successful band John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. A few weeks later John changed his mind because the Bluesbreakers were shifting too much towards jazz.

His last name combined with that of Mick Fleetwood was the inspiration for the band’s name. He and Mick are the only members to be on every Fleetwood Mac album. He married keyboardist and singer Christine in 1968 and she became a member two years later. They divorced in 1977, around the recording of the “Rumours” album which was titled by McVie based on the difficulties the band members were having in their relationships. To learn more about John McVie, click here to go to his Wikipedia page.

Tris ‘Duke” Carpenter played in blues and rock bands all over New England. He moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and quickly became a reliable “gun for hire” for artists trying to find a label deal in Hollywood. He’s has opened for acts as diverse as Los Lobos, seminal punk rocker Jonathan Richman, blues guitar wizard Chris Duarte, The Beach Boys, county star Juice Newton, Texas blues legend Kim Wilson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and even glam-rockers Twisted Sister.

Duke is a long-time fan of Fleetwood Mac, and jumped at the chance to pay tribute to this successful band. “Fleetwood Mac had some epic songs,“ he says. “And John McVie wrote some great baselines for them. Almost every song has some standout signature lick from John, and they are just so much fun to play.”

Duke Carpenter as John McVie is an important member to this great rhythm section for an ultimate tribute experience.