“These guys are next level and their showmanship, their authenticity to the character, their musicianship, everything is so amazing.”

D. – South Bay Customs Guest

Gypsy Dreams on stage at the Scherr Theater in Thousand Oaks
Bank of America Performing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks

You were GREAT !!!!!!! at the B of A Performing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks Feb. 4, 2023.  PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! perform again SUMMER 2023.

Gary Hartung, Guest – B of A Performing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks

“Experiencing Gypsy Dreams in concert at the Granbury Opera House was nothing short of magical. Their precision, energy, and undeniable talent in capturing the essence of Fleetwood Mac’s music left our audiences spellbound. Gypsy Dreams is the gold standard among Fleetwood Mac Tribute Bands, embodying the spirit and authenticity of the original performances with every note. Their show is a must-see for fans and newcomers alike, promising an unforgettable journey through the hits of one of rock’s most beloved bands.”

Micky Shearon, President & Managing Director, Granbury Theatre Company

“Each member really put in the time to master not only the big aspects of their character, but even in the small little nuances they each do. Just really enjoyed the whole experience. More than just a concert for sure.”

Dirk Smith, Guest – Granbury Opera Theater

“Never seen a cover band cover the appearance of the members as well as cover the music so beautifully! Wonderful!”

Michael Olszewski, Guest – Granbury Opera Theater
Granbury Theater performance
Granbury Opera Theater

“I find myself at the age of 62, still working full time, and taking little time for myself. Last night, I did take time out and attended your amazing performance at the Granbury Opera House. What a performance it was. You took me out of the craziness I deal with each day, and brought me back to a better time. I have never seen a tribute band perform so amazingly like the original band. Every song, every note, every movement returned me to years past. Thank you for creating a great experience and making my night one of the best in a long time. I will surely be attending your show the next time you come to Texas. Y’all are a gift to those of us who were there last night.”

Bill O. – Guest, Granbury Opera Theater

“I’ve seen the actual band with all original members – and then you all the other night. I enjoyed your show more!!”

Colin Cayvz, Sunset Station Casino Guest

“This band was a big hit! I spoke with them afterward, and they would love to be invited back. I and all the people dancing and people around agree. The best Springs entertainment ever.

Ev Levine, Member from The Springs, Rancho Mirage

“Gypsy Dreams are an amazing, talented, and beautiful band. One of the best shows we have had at Bonelli Bluffs RV Resort.  I highly recommend and would love to have them back!”

Shane Vassie Group/Event Coordinator

“Thanks to you and Gypsy Dreams for a great show last night! Our audience loves to dance and the band had them on the floor all night and brought you back for two encores!”

Mike Zoeller – Rotary Club of Altadena
Altadena Summer Concert Series performance taking it to the next level
Altadena Summer Concert Series

“Great voices, great night!! Couldn’t recommend more! Such a fun night with great music. And they had great banter as Stevie and Lindsay!”

Lee Eisenberg, Writer and Producer, Private Party

“What an amazingly talented group of artists. I am a big fan.”

Frank Patti, Private Party

“Music 🎶 by Gypsy-Dreams Tribute was like being front row center at Fleetwood Mac 👌”

George Will Sr., Private Party
Private Party Santa Ana taking it to the next level
Private Party

“Thank you for being the highlight of the event! We look forward to doing it again!”

Hannah Johnson – Marketing Events Manager, Welk Resorts

“I caught some of your show at the Welk Resort in Palm Springs tonight, and was very impressed with the band. Very professional and an authentic “Fleetwood Mac sound. Especially impressed with Will Roberts on guitar and your singers.

Denis Kavemeier, Guest of Welk Resorts
Gaslamp crowd taking it to the next level
Gaslamp sold out crowd

“If I were to shut my eyes and just listen I would of thought I was at an actual Fleetwood Mac concert.”

Tobi Simmons, Guest Gaslamp

“You sounded so good! I was very impressed. The band’s energy was off the charts! 🔥🔥🔥 🤩”

Shelly Ayala. Guest Gaslamp

“You guys were awesome! Glad to see you back @ gaslamp! It was nice chilly night!!”

Socorro Ruiz Gonzales, Guest Gaslamp

“You were amazing! Thanks for the great fun!!!!”

Sue Mendez, Guest Gaslamp

“Fantastic Show and Singers❤”

Lisa Lavelle, Guest Gaslamp

“Great show ty. Fun fun”

Annette Ginsburg, Guest Gaslamp
Taking it to the next level at The Cove in Murrieta
The Cove Bar & Grill in Murrieta

I took a few friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed it . I thought you guys were better than the original Fleetwood Mac! 

Cindy Toziopoulos, Guest The Cove Bar & Grill

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