Wil roberts as lindsey buckingham

Wil Roberts as Lindsey Buckingham,  replicates Lindsey’s vocal style and guitar playing to deliver the ultimate tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

In late 1974, Mick Fleetwood was scouting studios in Los Angeles and was introduced to the folk-rock duo of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. Soon after, Fleetwood Mac’s current guitarist, Bob Welch left the band and Mick asked Lindsey to join as their new lead guitarist.  Lindsey agreed under one condition, that he and Stevie Nicks were a package deal.

Lindsey and Stevie gave the band a more pop rock sound and the success of Fleetwood Mac skyrocketed with their self-titled album in 1975 reaching number one in the U.S. and the ‘Rumours’ album in 1977 producing four top ten singles in the U.S. It remained number one for thirty-one weeks and received a Grammy Award in 1978  for Album of the Year. Rumours has sold over forty million copies worldwide, making it the eighth highest selling album in history. The band went through personal turmoil while recording the album, as both romantic partnerships in the band separated while continuing to make music. For more details on Lindsey Buckingham you can click here to go to his Wikipedia page.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Wil has been a professional musician since he was 19.  Originally from the Midwest, he began his career playing bass guitar, singing, and touring in an East coast show and dance band.  Through his early 20’s, he played bass and sang lead in resorts and showrooms on the east coast, mid west, southern states and Caribbean.

In his late 20’s he moved to the West coast and developed his solo career. He worked extensively as a Las Vegas entertainer, as well as playing public and private venues at world class resorts in the Caribbean, Ireland, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, and California. As a solo singer or band member, Wil creates an atmosphere of musical excellence wherever he performs. Wil Roberts as Lindsey Buckingham is a performance not to be missed.